About the Skatebrake, Downhill Luge, and other aspects of our product

- Rick Ireton with a quiver of SkateBrake boards -

SkateBrake was developed by Rick Ireton while looking for a way to stop his SkateCat catamaran. After building several different prototype designs, he discovered the key to making a safe brake was using automotive brake components and a heat management design.

Like surfing and snowboarding, the best part of the ride is carving the face of a wave or hill. Using the SkateBrake as a decelorator you can carve just about any hill at any speed you determine to be safe. You can now use gravity as a safe means of horsepower. The SkateBrake turns downhill roads into your privateskater paradise, ideal for carving, bombing or racing your friends.

One day we will have parks with downhill roads specially made for downhill luge and skating.
Until then, watch out for cars...

SkateBrake is all about about fun. Coasting downhill on a luge or skateboard is one of the fun-nest things you can do... How great is it to feel the wind blowing through your hair?
Next to mechanical function, speed control is the most important safety element of downhill skating. SkateBrake letís you ride downhill roads at speeds you determine to be safe.
As with surfing and skiing, when you first get started you just go straight to get the feel of movement. The SkateBrake letís you travel at a safe speed until you get the feel of the board and can learn how to turn and carve the board downhill.
The brake grip becomes your throttle... You squeeze the handle to slow down and release the grip to accelerate.
Feel the G-Force as you carve a bottom turn to the left and then to the right.

Pure exhilaration!