Cruiser 42 With Hand Brake


Revolutionary new Skateboard Technology

The Cruiser 42 is the safest, most advanced downhill skateboard available today. The SkateBrake™ system provides the rider with the most basic element of safety, a way to stop. In addition, the brake acts as a reverse throttle. Release the brake and gravity takes over applying a smooth and consistent increase in velocity. Depress the handbrake and the rider's speed is smoothly and effortlessly reduced. This most important aspect of speed control empowers the skater to ride hills in ways that are new to the sport of downhill skating.

Downhill skateboarding is all about carving hills.

The SkateBrake™ gives riders the license to carve hills in a whole new way. When carving a hill, the radius or turn a rider can make is relative to the speed of travel, the slower the speed, the tighter the turn, the faster the speed the larger radius of turn. Each rider has his own preference and ability to carve. The SkateBrake™ gives the rider speed control necessary to perform the deepest most powerful turns possible without obtaining a run away speed.

Outstanding Features

9" wide deck design provides ample space for the foot.

  • No wheel-bite deck design allows for tight radius turns.
  • High performance trucks run true without speed wobbles at speeds up to 40 mph.
  • 76mm Kryptonic wheels are a proven favorite for professional downhill skaters.
  • Remote hand brake operation puts speed control in the rider's hands.
  • SkateBrake™ system provides riders with smooth yet firm brake operation.
  • Heat generated during brake operation is naturally conducted away from the wheels and into the truck system where it is released into the air.
  • Skaters can charge hills without fear of obtaining run away speeds.

Downhill Skateboarding - Great Cross training for Surfing and Snowboarding.

The Cruiser 42 is an ideal cross training devise for learning to surf or snowboard. As with most sports getting started is the most difficult aspect of mastering the sport and the most dangerous. The SkateBrake™ speed control system lets rider's progress at a rate of speed that they are comfortable with. Most riders learning to skate or surf go straight until they learn how to shift wight on the board to turn. As they get the feel of movement and balance they can begin to shift their weight from one side to another. To master the sport of skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding the rider must master the turn. Mastery of this art requires muscle memory and strength. Using the Cruiser 42, riders are able to skate endless hill for hours at a time. Leg development and muscle memory can occur on land even when the surf is flat or the snow is gone

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