SkateBrake's Technology
Here's how it works

The SkateBrake features a simple yet innovative design that incorporates a high performance skate truck, a pair of automotive grade brake pads and non-turning rotors. The brake pads are attached to the wheels and help to insulate the wheels from heat generated during the brake process. The brake is activated by the rider via a standard bicycle style brake grip. When the brakes are applied the non-turning rotors are leveraged into the brake pads creating a friction brake force. The brake action is smooth and predictable just like a car brake.

SkateBrake features include:

-Heat management design- The brake is designed to conduct heat away from the wheels and into the truck assembly where it its safely convected into the atmoshere.

-Dual-disc brake system- uses 2" diameter brake pads for miles of downhill use. Replaceable brake pads snap into any 76mm or 80mm Kryptonic wheel.

-Brake adjustment- The brake can be adjusted by turning out the adjustment screw at the handle. For more detailed brake adjustment information see the skatebrake manual.

-Cable placement- The brake cable can be attached to the left or right hand side of the board depending upon your preference. The cable should be away from the riders "kick" foot.

-Remote hand-grip operation- The hand operated cable grip control gives the rider the "feet" of the brake. Teh brake grip becomes the riders throttle. Release the grip to accelerate and compress the grip to slow down.

SkateBrake Q & A

Q: Is the brake ready to go out of the kit?
A: Although the kit comes as a complete kit ready to go, you should check it out before you ride.
Make sure the brake grip activates the brake properly. Read the manual for details...

Q: Can I use my own wheels?
A: Currently brake pads will only fit 76mm & 80mm Kryptonic wheels. Replacement brake pads are available for $15.00 a set.

Q: Can I use my own trucks?
A: No - The SkateBrake truck hanger has been modified for the brake mechanism. The trucks are rock solid and ideal for high speed carving.

Q: How long do the brakes last?
A: The SkateBrake uses automotive grade brake pads and they are really durable. These pads should last for 40 - 100 miles skating depending upon the use.

Q: How do the brake pads attach to the wheels?
A: The brake pads are attached to a high-temperature plastic fixture that snaps into the wheel hub. The brake pads spin with the wheels.

Q: Do you sell replacement wheels?
A: Yes - 76mm Kryptonic Wheels are available in Tiki or Flame design for $4.00 each.

Q: Do you sell replacement brake pads?
A: Yes - The pads are $15.00 a set and will fit any 76 - 80mm Kriptonic wheel.

Q: What kind of bearings are in the brakes?
A: The SkateBrake comes with an Abec 1 bearing. Not the best. Abec 7 bearings are available for $15.00 a set.

Q: The brake pads rub up against the rotor some, is this ok?
A: Once you use the brake for a while the rubbing will smooth out. You can adjust the distance between the brake pad and the rotor by loosing the wheel nut.

Q: Can I use any board for the brake kit?
A: Most any board - The board you select should be a minimum of 4 inches wide where the brake cable attaches to the side of the board.

Q: Can I put the brake on the front of the board?
A: Yes, it does not really matter if the brake is located on the front or the back. Location is per your preference.

Q: Can I use the brake on my own invention?
A: Yes, please do. There are lots of great skateboard designs you can build. The brake just makes what ever you are doing on a hill safer.

For more detailed information on the brake see the Users Guide PDF file.

If you have more technical questions, check out the Users Guide or give us a call.